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Rouge Hermès, the theme that was introduced in Jakarta by the Hermès Héritage touring exhibitions, saw a journey covering the history of the house from 1837 as founded by maestro Thierry Hermès, with its iconic themes, colours, patterns, designs, and products.

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The curator of La Piscine Museum of Art and Industry in Roubaix and of Rouge Hermès, Bruno Gaudichon, tells Indonesia Tatler that the exhibition clearly portrays Hermès’ basic fundamentals as a luxury brand and its elegant style.

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The exhibition was held at Pacific Place Jakarta mall and saw the collections woven by generations of designers and craftspeople from their origins as harness-makers and saddlers to the present day, incorporating contemporary designs. “The idea behind the exhibition was first brought forward by Hermès’ Artistic Director to show the uniqueness and eccentricity of the brand,” says Bruno.

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Hermès is attached to the colour red and its spectrum of shades, fluctuating from vermilion to magenta and from bright to soft red. With the help of skilled artisan tanners, Émile Hermès developed a process to dye box calf leather, and red has been used to colour a whole range of designs.

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The exhibition not only featured leather goods, but also clothing, home accessories and a jewellery cabinet from the collections of Émile and the house’s archives from the museum. “Even though the exhibition is not very big dimensionally, each room highlights the most important pieces from Hermès’ collection to show to the Indonesian public to further educate them on the depth of this luxury house,” explains Bruno.

Together with set designer Laurence Fontaine, Bruno chose to adopt a framework that was flexible yet rigorous to create this month-long exhibition. The exhibition was divided into five zones loosely connected by a chronological thread that allowed visitors to discover the emergence of new variations of red over time.

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