Splendidly svelte and supremely sophisticated, Hermès’ latest collection of Chaine d’Ancre truly embodies the fashion house’s persona. Since its birth in 1938, the line has continued to evolve and has become an object of adoration for fashion enthusiasts all over the globe. Only upon further inspection will one notice that this time, the legendary fashion house has adopted a freshly punk concept by adding a unique twist to the otherwise elegant jewellery items.

One would never have thought that the words “punk” and “Hermès” would fit together in the same sentence, but Creative Director Pierre Hardy begs to differ. Eclectic, fresh, and rather unconventional, the safety pins used in the Chaine d’Ancre Punk embody the rebellious youthful spirit that defined the 70s.


Decades of mastery have led the legendary fashion house to design its punk-themed line in the most sophisticated of ways. With the way the white gold and rose gold have been moulded into nimble strands, such as the rosegold teardrop-like earrings, the safety pin has certainly been elevated into a luxury symbol. Perhaps the most discreet yet intricate piece is the Chaine d’Ancre Punk’s bangle and the way its thinnest end is tucked under the diamond-embedded centrepiece, like secured safety pins. But the belle of the ball is certainly the radiating rose gold fringe necklace with more than 1,500 diamonds intricately woven to sit on one’s décolletage.

Fit for both the bold and the refined Hermès darlings, the Chaine d’Ancre Punk effortlessly amps up any look. With the launch of this eclectic masterpiece, Pierre Hardy is bringing a breath of fresh air to the already legendary fashion house

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