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From March 22 to April 22, Pacific Place Mall is presenting the Hermès Héritage exhibition. The aim is for visitors to explore the history of Hermès that was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. The maison is known for its iconic themes, colours and patterns, followed by the woven thread by generations of designers and craftsmen. Also, did you know that the maison began as a harness-maker and saddler? Which today have expanded with contemporary designs.


Photo Courtesy of Hermès

After showcasing its history, the exhibition continues with the maison’s new opus known as Rouges Hermès. With a spectrum of twenty shades, from vermilion to magenta and from bright red to soft red, Hermès never fails to incorporate this colour. Thanks to skillfull artisan tanners and Émile Hermès, who was the third generation president of the maison, red has been incorporated to a wide range of designs.


Photo Courtesy of Hermès

The exhibition also houses other aspects of Rouges Hermès by featuring leather goods, clothing, home accessories, and some contemporary jewellery. From wood to crystal, leather to silk, the harmonious correlation between colour and matter are rendered perceptible. 


Photo Courtesy of Hermès

Bruno Gaudichon, curator of “La Piscine” museum of art and industry in Roubaix, France and of Rouges Hermès, alongside set designer, Laurence Fontaine, have decided to create a framework that is flexible yet accurate. Incorporating pieces from the Émile Hermès collection, the maison’s archives, and the full range of recent designs, the exhibition is divided into five zones connected by chronological order that allows visitors to discover the emergence of new variants of red over time. This will delineate the colour palette subtly, which depicts the history of Hermès, a history marked by colour.

Take your friend or your family and make sure to witness the magic of Rouges Hermès at Pacific Place Mall!

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