Adinia Wirasti rose to fame after starring as Karmen in blockbuster flick Ada Apa dengan Cinta in 2002. She then earned her first Citra Award in 2005 for the Best Supporting Actress in Tentang Dia. Adinia, who graduated from New York Film Academy’s Screenwriting Program in Los Angeles, has also recently bagged an award from Festival Film Bandung for her role in Critical Eleven in 2017.

Aside from her talented acting chops, Adinia is also a big fan of traditional Indonesian fabric. Often seen wearing them while attending events, the 30-year-old actress is also a collector of handmade tenun ikat fabric from Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. Adinia also likes to keep it simple and minimalistic, which compliments her beauty. Hereby, we have handpicked eight of her most modern looks, both in contemporary and traditional attire.

 Tenun Girl

Simple yet charming, Adinia stands barefoot by the poolside wearing a plain white sleeveless top paired with animal-motif tenun ikat fabric and a beaded necklace.

 Indonesian Beauty

While in Sumba, Adinia poses in a frame wearing a black sleeveless top, navy blue loose pants and ginger necklace while the abstract tenun ikat hangs loosely on her shoulder.

 Modern Classy

Posing beside a Raden Saleh painting in National Gallery of Indonesia, Adinia wears a black top and black jacket paired with brown tenun ikat and white slip-ons.

 Scarf It Up

Posing on the streets of Bern in Switzerland, Adinia covers up half of her face with a floral black-and-white scarf, and wears a thick black coat with grey collar.

 Keep It Braid

At the gala premiere of her movie Critical Eleven, Adinia looks fresh in her natural makeup and braided hairstyle. Here, she sports all-black attire: black lace top, blazer and pants.

 Minimalist Look

Posing for a shoot, Adinia looks beautiful wearing crisp all-white attire: white lace long-sleeve top and white trousers.

 Monochrome Chic

Visiting New York City in the fall, Adinia opts for a monochrome look: white top, black long trench coat, black-and-white striped-motif shawl paired with jeans and brown ankle boots.

 Sporty Side

Adinia bares it all! The actress was all smiles in her white crop top and training joggers, showing her fit body and toned arms.

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