Mike Lewis never seems to age. Born in Tokyo, the 35-year-old actor is a multi-faceted man with career ranging from being a model, actor, TV host, entrepreneur, restaurateur, philanthropist and, of course, a full-time father to his adorable son, Kenzou Leon Bleszynski Lewis.

Despite his busy schedule and responsibilities, Mike Lewis never fails to dress to impress. From casual to sporty to dapper looks, the Jakarta-based model and actor has surely become the epitome of the young and stylish father. Here, we have handpicked 10 of Mike Lewis’ coolest dad looks for your daily inspiration.

Sporty Biker

Riding a black Ducati, Mike looks sporty in his green T-shirt and denim jeans complete with aviator shades and his backpack.

Twinning in Red

It’s twinning time! Seen here are Mike and his son Kenzou sporting red T-shirts. Mike opts to pair his with denim jeans, white sneakers and yellow baseball cap, while Kenzou wears denim shorts and green sports shoes.

Sweater Me

Casually wrapping his red sweater around his neck, Mike is all smiles in his white T-shirt and denim trousers.

A Gentleman’s Look

Dressed in a grey two-piece suit, white shirt and black tie by Hugo Boss, Mike looks cheerful while holding a rugby ball.

Soccer Love

Showing his love of Indonesia, Mike wears a blue soccer T-shirt and blue shades, while Kenzou wears his signature red T-shirt.

Ride Ready

Mike stole the show when he showed up in a red Ducati during a movie premiere. The model wore a yellow shirt, black suit, black trousers and brown shoes.

Top Model

Showing off his modelling skills in this photo shoot, Mike opts for a white long-sleeved sweater and dark grey trousers.

Dapper Mike

Posing for the camera, Mike chooses to wear a black two-piece suit and white shirt.

Summer Dad

Mike sports a casual summer look with his black loose singlet, blue and white ombré shorts, and, of course, black sunglasses.

 Swing It

Who knew that Mike was also into golfing? Here, Mike is ready to swing his golf club while wearing a blue short-sleeved polo shirt, tan shorts, blue golf visor, white glove and white golf shoes.

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