Selly Wilson is the proud mum of a 7-year-old daughter named Gwennive Lucretia Wilson. The spouse of Frido Marsiano Wilson is also an entrepreneurial housewife who owns the high-end coloured contact lenses brand “Milky Eyed”, which was launched in the middle of this year. With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, Selly is also known for her chic, clean and structured edgy looks. With black being her favourite colour, Selly is also an avid bag collector, often seen carrying different, fabulous handbags on multiple occasions. Here, we have handpicked 10 of her most fashionable looks. Browse our slideshow below to see her trendiest looks!

 Braid Girl

Posing by a waterpark, Selly wears all-black attire while keeping her hair neat in braids. She sports a black loose top, black jogger pants with a white drawstring and a black tote bag. Her strappy grey heels complete the casual look.

 Quirky Shade

Selly shows her cute-quirky side by wearing the famous cat-eye framed glasses and long ethnic necklace. For her outfit, she opts for a black top and black wide-leg trousers paired with an ivory long vest. Her white Dior bag sits beside her on the small round table.

  Soccer Mum

Selly show offs her love of soccer by sporting a blue Chelsea hoodie. She pairs her sporty look with a yellow Off-White belt, grey fitted pants and black pointed pumps. She also wears small hoop earrings and is carrying a Saint Laurent silver bag.

 Back To School

Selly wears a black top with a matching blazer and shorts in grey plaid motif. She carries a small purse from the Volon, black army boots and large hoop earrings.

 Dots And Denim

At a fashion event, Selly sports a black mini-dress and an oversized denim jacket paired with sheer polkadot socks and black pointed pumps. Oh, and who can forget that black Hermès bag?

 Motifs Affair

Attending an art exhibition, Selly stands out in her abstract motif Gucci top, black peplum maxi skirt with zipper accent, silver shoulder bag, Sergio Rossi boots and her signature hoop earrings. J’adore!

 Batik Glamour

For her beauty routine, Selly wears a Danar Hadi sheer batik maxi dress in mustard and floral motif, a small Dior flap bag in fuchsia and, again, Sergio Rossi pumps.

 Like Mother, Like Daughter

Posing with her adorable daughter Gwen during her 7th birthday party, Selly looks young and fresh in her white hoodie, black jogger pants and white army boots. Her long hair is tied on top and she wears an extra-large hoop earrings.

 Rebel Angel

At this year’s We The Fest event, Selly is seen in Vetements loose black top, ripped denim shorts, below-knee-high striped socks and Louis Vuitton black platform shoes. Holding her aviators, she also accessorises with a stack of necklaces and bracelets.

 Jetsetter Life

Sitting in the hallway of her hotel in London, Selly opts for a beige summer hat, white sleeveless top, black cropped pants and red mules. Her small, black backpack with red Louis Vuitton monograms lies casually in front of her.

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