Indonesian actor Adipati Koesmadji, famously known as Adipati Dolken, has been in the movie industry since 2009. In 2013, he won the Citra Award for Best Male Supporting Actor at the Indonesian Film Festival for his role in the Sang Kiai, making him the youngest actor to win the Citra Award at only 21 years old. Last year, he starred as the lead actor in Pertaruhan and Posesif, and this year, he has starred in three movies: #TemanTapiMenikah, 3 Dara 2 and Laut. Aside from his acting talent, he also enjoys photography—not to mention that his adorable fashion sense is worth to keep an eye on. Check out the slides below for Adipati Doklen’s 10 coolest looks.

 Pink days

Sitting at the edge of a beach, Adipati wears a pink hoodie, cargo pants, and a red baseball cap.

 Denim twin

Posing on the streets of Tokyo, Adipati and Vanesha are twinning in their denim jackets and sunglasses

 Motif mood

Adipati looks extra-chic in this matching abstract motif jacket and pants paired with white sneakers and sunglasses.

 Tokyo vibe


Adipati pulls off a nerdy cool look in this black T-shirt, black jacket, abstract motif pants, white sneakers, and glasses.

 Colourblock cool

For a live performance, Adipati wears a colourblock black-and-white T-shirt and jacket.

 Formal brown

 Adipati looks dapper in this black shirt, brown suit, and trousers paired with black boots.

 Hello yellow

 Adipati is in the mood for casual in this yellow hoodie and black trousers.

 Monochrome fella

 Sitting on the stairs, Adipati looks stylish in T-shirt, leather jacket, ripped jeans, sneakers, and baseball cap.

 Feelin' casual 

Adipati, smiling from ear to ear, wears a white T-shirt, jacket tied on his waist, grey trousers, baseball cap, sunglasses, and is carrying a backpack.

 He got swag

 Posing on the streets of Jakarta, Adipati looks good in a black hoodie, ripped jeans, white sneakers, and sunglasses.

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