Who isn’t familiar with rising badminton star Jonatan Christie? After successfully winning the silver and gold medals in the Asian Games 2018 earlier this week, Jonatan, aka “Jojo”, has become a trending topic on the Internet. The 20-year-old badminton player is from PB Tangkas Specs, a badminton club in Jakarta, and plays in the men’s singles. With his sharp badminton skills and charming looks, Jojo also has a large number of fans on social media, counting more than 1.4m followers on his official Instagram account. As an athlete, Jojo might not have that much time to hang out with his friends—but he sometimes shares snapshots of his casual looks when he is off the court. Without further ado, let’s check out some of his best outfits.

Jump for joy

Jojo leaps during practice to prepare for the Asian Games 2018 wearing a blue shirt, white shorts, and matching sports shoes.

 Look up

Jojo steps out during one of his matches, wearing matching burgundy top and shorts, yellow socks, and white sports shoes.

 Why so serious?

Holding a bottle, Jojo takes a break from his practice, posing in the garden with his yellow T-shirt and black shorts.

 Warming up

Before practice, Jojo warms up in his grey graphic T-shirt, black shorts, white socks, and bright orange shoes.

 Behind the wheel


Jojo checks his watch clad in a black jacket, black baseball cap, and round glasses.

 In action

Jojo makes his moves during one of the matches, opting for a white top, red shorts, and red shoes—a bold statement that reminds us of the Indonesian flag.

 Local tourist

 Exploring Jakarta, Jojo goes casual in this white graphic T-shirt, jeans, and with a rosary on his neck.

 Go Indonesia

Salute! Jojo puts on his serious face during an important honorary moment for Indonesia, clad in a red and white jacket.

 Selfie time

Jojo smiles as he posts a selfie in a red high-neck jacket and grey baseball cap.

 Show it off

Jojo shows off a muscular arm in this white sleeveless top during one of the matches.

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