After living in Los Angeles in the US for around 20 years, actor Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso finally returned to his homeland, Indonesia. The multitalented actor, stuntman, and model was widely known for his role as Koda, the Blue Dino Charge Ranger, in the Power Rangers: Dino Charge TV series, which was aired on Nickelodeon from 2015 to 2016. Most recently, he starred in the blockbuster movie Buffalo Boys and is one of the muses for German luxury fashion house BOSS. The 29-year-old actor was also the speaker at last year’s Indonesian Diaspora Congress. Yoshi, who is happily married to Sarah Louise Sudarso, has a fit and healthy body, and he is not afraid to show it. So without further ado, let’s check out the most stylish outfits from this handsome actor.

 Bold stare


Yoshi pulls off a smart casual look in this abstract motif shirt, grey blazer, and black pants.

 Upcoming project

Yoshi is clad in a matching burgundy pantsuit with a silver tie at a photo shoot with actress Julie Estelle for the Milly & Mamet movie by Ernest Prakasa, set for release this December.

 Plaid life

A silver-haired Yoshi sits on a corner, wearing a plaid shirt that shows off his toned abs, as well as black shorts.

 Gala premiere

Posing with his wife Sarah before the gala premiere of Buffalo Boys, Yoshi looks sharp in this white shirt, blue pantsuit by BOSS, and white sneakers.

 Thinking of you?

What’s on Yoshi’s mind? The actor shows off his perfectly toned body in this shirtless look—clad only in stripy black shorts, white Adidas sneakers, and a green baseball cap.

 Watch that man

Yoshi sits on stairs rocking his silver hair in this burgundy jacket, black T-shirt, black ripped jeans, and Daniel Wellington watch.

 Denim dream

Yoshi goes out for a walk in his go-to outfit: black Adidas T-shirt, denim jacket, black jeans and white Adidas sneakers.

 Body goals

 Yoshi rocks his toned abs in this olive-green jacket, drawstring ripped jeans, and sunglasses.

 Street style


Sitting on the sidewalk, Yoshi keeps it cool in this white T-shirt, black leather jacket, jeans, white sneakers, and sunglasses.

 Camo adventure

 Yoshi goes for a safari look in this green camo jacket with tan hoodie. He doesn’t forget his sunglasses and white watch.

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