Aesthetic doctor Kevin Maharis is passionate about beauty. He is the founder and Medical Director of Maharis Clinic in Setiabudi, South Jakarta. The company also manufactures and sells its own skincare and cosmetic lines via online retail website The stylish doctor is also smart—he has a dual medical bachelor’s degree from Universitas Indonesia and the University of Melbourne in Australia and earned his postgraduate diploma in dermatology from Cardiff University in the UK.

Aside from his sharp eye for cosmetic beauty and aesthetics for his clients, dr Kevin also pays serious attention to his daily fashion choices. Browse through our slides below to check out 10 of dr Kevin’s most stylish ensembles.

Tuxedo night

For a formal occasion, Kevin is neatly dressed in this black bow-tie tuxedo.

 Flower garden

Attending the Hermès Héritage exhibition in Pacific Place, Kevin opts for clean lines in this white shirt with small motifs paired with beige trousers.

 Qipao batik

Kevin sure knows how to dress to impress: for a family occasion, he opts for this stunning blue custom-tailored qipao-style batik shirt with large swan pattern in the middle.

 Black casual

Showing his toned arms, Kevin wears short-sleeved black shirt, grey trousers, and white sneakers while carrying a beige bag with horse print.

 Hanoi stroll

While strolling on the streets of Hanoi in Vietnam, Kevin wears shades of blue: blue shirt, navy-blue jacket and shawl, washed jeans, and black sports shoes.

 Sparkling batik

Kevin pays homage to Indonesian culture again in this custom-tailored batik with peacock pattern, which strikingly blends with the infinity mirrored room background.

 Jacket up!

Visiting Union Square in downtown San Francisco, Kevin keeps it warm in this maroon jacket layered on top of an olive vest and shirt paired with ivory trousers and beige sneakers.

 Flamingo man

Kevin looks fresh in this flamingo-print white T-shirt paired with pink shorts.

 Mexico calling

Visiting archaeological site Chichén Itzá in Yucatan, Mexico, Kevin poses in a yellow-motif T-shirt, grey shorts, beige sneakers, sunglasses, and with his hat in his hand while admiring the Mayan ruins.

 Feeling red

Sitting outside the Cliff House in San Francisco, Kevin admires the sunset view in his red sweater top paired with teal pants and black sports shoes.

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