Fashionpreneur Dana Maulana is the co-founder of contemporary fashion label Danjyo Hiyoji. It all started in the first year of college in 2001 when he started the business with his childhood friend Liza Masitha. Dana oversees the management and operations sides of the brand, while Liza handles the design department. Dana, who holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in international business, tries to keep up to date with the new generation and stay connected with them, including via the #WeAreDanjyoHiyoji movement on social media, which is intended to represent people of any age who have youthful inner spirits. Aside from managing his business, Dana is also known for his stylish outfit options. Check out our slides below!

 Blue life

Posing in front of an artsy wall in Hong Kong, Dana rocks this matching blue-striped shirt and pants combo paired with sneakers and sunglasses.

 Play time

Visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, Dana opts for a printed shirt and shorts from his own brand Danjyo Hiyoji paired with white sporty socks and shoes as well as sunglasses.

 Monochrome motif

Posing in the entrance of this geometric motif building, Dana picks a white short-sleeved shirt, grey cropped pants, sports shoes, and white hat.

 Black and stripes

Dana strikes a pose in this black top, black blazer, and grey and white striped pants paired with white shoes with a black obi accent.

 Yellow lemon

Holding a big lemon-shaped decorative item, Dana wears a blue top by Danjyo Hiyoji paired with denim cropped jeans, white socks, sports shoes, and transparent shades.

 Simply stylish

Getting around Medan by betor or “becak motor”, Dana wears a long-sleeved white shirt paired with grey and white pants with a stripes motif, along with striped socks and sports shoes.

 Motif life

Sitting comfortably on a green pillow, Dana wears white T-shirt, white pants with a leaf motif, blue socks, and white sneakers.

 Moody flair

Walking along an alley in Medan, Dana goes casual in this black and white striped shirt by Danjyo Hiyoji paired with loose-fit jeans and black belt.

 Officially polka dot

Posing with Gianyar Regent, Dana opts for this white polka-dot motif shirt paired with grey plaid pants and white sneakers.

 Summer style

Spending his holiday in Bali, Dana poses in his white top, grey plaid blazer, white pants with leaf motif, and sunglasses.

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