Suit designer Samuel Wongso is the fourth generation in his long-standing family business: Wong Hang Distinguished Tailor, which specialises in high-end formal suits for gentlemen. Samuel’s loyal customers range from high-profile celebrities to public figures, and he is frequently sought out to design wedding tuxedos. Samuel, who likes playing football and golf in his free time, is determined to maintain the consistency and quality of his tailor-made suits while keeping an eye on the latest trends.

It’s without hesitation that we say that Samuel Wongso dresses to impress: he is often spotted in his bespoke suit, although sometimes he also opts for a more casual look with his signature accessories, sunglasses, and watch. Check out his 10 smartest looks below.

 Camera ready

Posing with his French bulldog (who’s also twinning with him!) for a photo shoot, Samuel wears a white shirt and brown checked-motif two-piece suit.

 Check day

Samuel is walking on the streets of Singapore wearing a white shirt, grey suit with red checked motif, and grey pants.

 Sporty blossom

Visiting Tokyo during winter, Samuel keeps it clean and sporty in this white high-necked jacket and beige pants.

 Monochromatic gent

Holding a cup of coffee while standing on the stairs, Samuel opts for a white turtleneck beige suit, white trousers, white sneakers, and sunglasses.

 Street style

Posing in the streets of Shinjuku, Samuel wears olive bomber jacket paired with white trousers, grey sports shoes, and his signature sunglasses.

 Think pink

Samuel isn’t afraid to wear pink on a sunny day in Jakarta. Checking his smartphone, he wears a white shirt, pink double-breasted suit, navy-blue checked-motif trousers, and black moccasins. Of course, he doesn’t forget his sunglasses and watch.

 White on white

Samuel opts for a more casual look in this white polo shirt paired with white drawstring pants. He completes his look with grey sneakers, a wristwatch, and fancy sunglasses.

 Give Givenchy

Samuel is ready for his morning run in this stylish black tracksuit with Givenchy labels on the side.

 Into the blue


Samuel might be in a rush, but he still keeps it stylish in this blue two-piece suit, white shirt, and black shoes.

 Camo flair

Attending the 72nd anniversary of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), Samuel dares to be different in this camo-motif bespoke suit and brown boots.

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