Indonesian actress Sandra Dewi made her silver-screen debut in 2007, starring in Nia Dinata’s movie Quickie Express. From then on, she has starred in several movies, TV soap operas, and numerous advertising campaigns. The graduate of the London School of Public Relations celebrated her fairy-tale wedding at Tokyo Disneyland with businessman Harvey Moeis in 2016. Last year, the couple was blessed with an adorable son named Raphael Moeis. The Disney enthusiast also owns a clothing line, Sandra by Sandra Dewi, and serves as Director of Corporate Communication in the property company PT Paramount Land.

Aside from her acting chops and business skills, Sandra Dewi always looks chic and fashionable, even during her maternity days. Browse through our gallery to check out 10 of her prettiest mum looks.

 Mum’s day out

Pouting her lips while posing on the stairs, Sandra opts for a casual look in this white V-neck shirt, white polka-dot motif shorts, navy-blue blazer, and cute blue mules.

 Navy mood

Sandra is ready to go out in this navy-blue long-sleeved jumpsuit with matching Balenciaga handbag.

 Black flair

Sandra is all smiles in this black half-mesh top with draped accent paired with fitted batik motif skirt.

 White on white

Sandra is a vision of beauty in this all-white ensemble: one-shoulder white top, white maxi-skirt, white pointed lace pumps, and pink Hermès bag.

 Unique lines

Sandra is in the mood for experimenting in this white long-sleeved top with unique drawstring accent in the middle paired with high-waisted grey pants.

 Gorgeous batik

Sandra looks graceful in this knee-length Kawung-motif black batik dress.

 Disney lover

Sandra is visiting her most favourite destination on earth—Tokyo Disneyland. Holding her maroon Gucci bag, she wears a long-sleeved black sweater with Minnie Mouse motif, black leggings, and black summer hat.

 Pastel qipao

Posing by the pool, Sandra is beautifully clad in this modern blue cheongsam by her eponymous clothing line.

 Happy mum-to-be

Holding a small lilac bouquet, the expectant mother is smiling in this pink dress with ruffle accent in the middle paired with an ivory long coat and feathery mules.

 Christmas Eve

Standing in front of a Christmas tree, Sandra, at 9 months pregnant, wears a teal shirt with polka-dot motif and slim-fit jeans paired with a white Fendi bag and gold Gucci shoes. 

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