In case you hadn’t noticed, the Big Four fashion weeks—New York, London, Milan and Paris—aren’t the only ones worth watching out for. It might be fun to keep up with the latest worldwide trends, but it’s even more exciting to see our own local designers’ twists on these trends during Jakarta Fashion Week. So if you missed Jakarta Fashion Week or simply fancy a recap, here are the seven trend highlights worth cashing in on.

Worn Out Faces: Natalia Kiantoro, Tities Sapoetra and Mazuki

1.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Image.Net and JFW

“Worn out” might not be the best thing to call them, but this season, Jakarta’s designers are certainly making an impression with abstract face motifs. While Mazuki went with one simple monochromatic design, Natalia Kiantoro took it a step further and inked her collection with a more ragged abstract motif. On the other hand, Tities Sapoetra didn’t limit himself to monochromes and opted for coloured faces to brighten up his collection.

Freeform Sleeves: Toton, Rani Hatta and IKAT by Didiet Maulana

2.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Toton, Rani Hatta & Didiet Maulana

With the rise of freeform sleeves in the Big Four fashion weeks, it was also time for local designers to expand their sleeve designs. Whether you prefer IKAT’s airy fabrics, Rani Hatta’s edgy laces, or Toton’s statement ruffles, now you won’t have to go a day repeating the same sleeve look. Choosing the right sleeve design will definitely set off your outfit’s mood without much effort.

Stunning Headpieces: Reves Studio, Rinaldy Yunardi and Loui Accessories for Sesilia Elisabet

3.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Image.Net and JFW

Rinaldy Yunardi might be the king of avant-garde accessories, but this year two other designers showed themselves to be worthy contenders. Choosing a more casual look, Reves Studio’s hat should certainly be your newest staple piece for a beach trip. But if you want to make a more lavish statement, Rinaldy and Loui’s headpieces are your go-to accessories.

Shades of Blue: Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan, Tee and Albert Yanuar

4.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Image.Net and JFW

You might have seen models sporting red ensembles, but we think this year’s fashion week had varying shades of enchanting blues worth mentioning. For a more eclectic and casual look, keep an eye out for Tee and Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan, whose shades of blue are deep enough that they’ll enchant anyone who sets their eyes on them. Meanwhile, right at the top of the list for formalwear is Albert Yanuar, whose plunging dress and bird motif simply blew the audience away.

Cinched Waist: Friederich Herman and Tam Illi

5.jpgPhoto:  Photo Courtesy of Image.Net and JFW

Whether it’s through cinched trousers or decorative belts, Jakarta Fashion Week has shown us that there are multiple ways to show off our figures. We’ve secretly been waiting for Friederich Herman's asymmetrical-cinched trousers that will amp up any top, but we’re even more pleased to see Tam Illi take waist cinching to a whole other level. With or without additional accessories, Tam Illi will turn even the most minimalistic ensemble into one worth flaunting.

Edgy Hijab: Norma Hauri, Ria Miranda and Qonita Gholib

6.jpgPhoto:  Photo Courtesy of Image.Net and JFW

As seasons go by, ready-to-wear fashion trends come and go, and the same goes for hijab trends as well. Who’s to say the only way to wear these clothes are to stick to the minimalist look? If there’s one thing that Norma Hauri, Ria Miranda, and Qonita Gholib’s collections have taught us it’s that you can go preppy, chic, or edgy even with the smallest headpiece details.

Stripes: Rinda Salmun, Purana and Lulu Lutfi Labibi

7.jpg Photo: Photo Courtesy of Image.Net and JFW

There’s no denying that stripes have been a staple fashion week pattern worldwide, but there’s something about these designers’ takes on the look that make our hearts flutter. No stranger to Jakarta Fashion Week, Lulu Lutfi Labibi’s elegant earthy designs brought a semblance of our own culture to the patterns. Meanwhile standing on the opposite end of the spectrum is Rinda Salmun, whose designs were city chic. If you can’t decide between the two, go for Purana—the perfect hybrid between the two designers.

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