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The local fashion market in Indonesia has been progressively growing throughout the years, as more and more local brands are setting up stores around town. There are more local brands now than ever before! Why is that? Local brands are rising as Indonesian customers start to consume local goods and thus supporting locally made products as well as being more aware that local fashion brands not only offer fashion-forward clothing, but it also maintain standards in the quality department. With a number of labels to choose from, we have compiled seven Indonesian womenswear brands that are on the rise and have made many of us fangirling these days! Read on…

Duma Official 

Established in 2015, Duma Official offers a wide range of womenswear that are perfect for daily wear. Their designs are classic and understated, made to last beyond seasons. Any women can wear Duma’s clothing comfortably for work or for a day out. Check out their official page here.


Formerly known as ‘Agree To Shop’, ATS THE LABEL offers simple and sophisticated clothing made for active modern women. Their aim is to produce daily wear pieces that are timeless and easy to wear. Also, keeping in mind to create versatile clothing so that women have many options to style and wear clothing according to their needs and occasions. Check out ATS THE LABEL here.


Alex(a)lexa presents a modern take on urban dressing. The brand have done it so smoothly by incorporating a sense of whimsicality in the form of prints and applications, which compliments their modern yet laid back silhouettes. For that reason, the brand has been the talk of the town for years! Check out their online store here.


Kivee is a local womenswear brand that is wardrobe essentials. The aim is to create a clothing line that women want to wear that realistically suits their lifestyle and budget. Their designs have touches of modernity and simplicity. Check out Kivee here.

Day and Night

Day and Night offers womenswear with modern touch and unique twists while keeping it simple, clean and classic. Their clothes are appropriate to be worn from the day to the night. The brand takes inspiration from trends and incorporates it to their own style. Check out Day and Night here.

Label Eight

With the finest quality using the greatest selection of materials, Label Eight is the fashion label on the lookout. Not only the brand offers a wide range of womenswear, they also have a menswear line as well! Click here to check out Label Eight’s collections.



Photo Courtesy of Ponytale

Combining trends, Ponytale offers modern casual wear that provides women a wardrobe full of comfortable, feminine and chic clothes. Their clothes are versatile and come with a myriad of colours options that are easy on the eyes. Ponytale’s clothes are the ones to wear for a nice day out with your friends, shop their collections here.

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