It comes as no surprise that, when looking for a spokesmodel or collaborator, brands often turn to Alexa Chung. Author, magazine contributor, model and presenter -- Chung has done it all. As the current face of Longchamp and a designer of her own denim capsule collection with AG Jeans, Chung shares a bit about what makes her the girl who millions strive to emulate.

How would you define your style?

My style is always a balance between the masculine and feminine sides of my personality. For example, if i wear a pretty dress, i like to pair it with flats. Or if i'm in jeans, i'll wear a girly blouse. It's all about balance.

What are some traits that led you to your personal style ?

My curiosity -- i'm easily bored, and i'm not afraid to try new things or be laughed out of a room. I like finding ways to express my individuality. Growing up, i hated it when someone had the same bag or shoes as me, but now i take it as a compliment.

Who are your style icons ?

I have so many : Patti Smith, Linda McCartney, Nico, Anita Pallenberg, Kate Moss, Keith Richards, David Hockney.

How did the autumn / winter 2015 campaign shoot for Longchamp go ?

It was great. We were in Miami surrounded by all the amazing murals and graffiti. When you've been in dreary New York City weather for months, it's delightful to be shooting in the sunshine next to the palm trees.

What do you typically never leave the house without ?

I tend to only have my credit card, lipstick, phone and keys on me, so i adore small bags. The Longchamp shoulder bag in block colours is a current favourite of mine.

You're always on the road; what are some items you always travel with ?

I travel light, even though i collect clothes and have a massive closet. A hooded jumper, a navy blue jumper, a pair of Converse, ankle boots and headphones are the first things that go in my luggage.