Christian Louboutin has collaborated on its colourful Mexicaba tote with Taller Maya, a Mexican charity that helps artisans, predominantly but not exclusively women, preserve their unique craft skills—mainly cross-stitch embroidery and weaving.

Taller Maya’s mission is to preserve authentic craftsmanship at a time when the local culture is being diluted, and thus ensure the long-term economic empowerment of Mayan artisans. Ten per cent of profits from every Mexicaba sold in Louboutin boutiques will be donated directly to the charity.

Taller Maya artisans were also paid equitably for their work on its creation. The bag itself is really rather fabulous.

Each features panels of eye-popping handwoven cotton, vivid Mayan embroidery, bone beads fashioned from the horns of bulls and wooden beads painted with mythical wild beast motifs.

The silk lining is even printed with tiny day of the dead skulls placed there to guard your belongings.

(Text by: Chloe Street)

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