For its Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Christian Louboutin is introducing the mythic power of "Clair de Lune": a unique strass application using four sizes of crystals in eleven different colours. From the French phrase for “moonlight”, the hand-applied strass emulates the effect of moonlight dancing over flowers in a field, conjuring feelings of whimsical flirtation and romance.

Showcased on a wide range of styles for both women and men, crystals adorn the collection in a prism of rich, sparkling colours including bright ruby, rose and tangerine, while a cooler underbelly emits brilliant cerulean and silver tones.

To achieve this luminescent effect, an entirely new approach to strass application was developed by Christian Louboutin. Starting with only the finest materials, including jet black veau velour and roccia python, crystals in various sizes and hues were meticulously hand-placed based on the desired effect—either in colourful clusters or encompassing the entire surface area of the shoe.

As a design element, strass has long been synonymous with the Christian Louboutin brand, with each season reinvigorated with new details such as the subtle heel gradation likewise seen in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

To celebrate the capsule collection, Christian Louboutin invited Katie Rodgers, the illustrator behind the website Paper Fashion, to create a series of hand-painted watercolour illustrations and GIFs. Directly referencing the collection’s inspiration, the artwork depicts Clair de Lune styles floating like brilliant comets against a shimmering moonlit sky, while crystals gleam and dance across the shoes.

Clair de Lune is available in a full range of sneakers, flats, pumps and platforms. Discover Clair de Lune at and in selected Christian Louboutin boutiques around the world.


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