Back in 1994, writer Jay McInerney called 19-year-old Chloë Sevigny the “coolest girl in the world” in an article for The New Yorker. More than 20 years on, the American actress, fashion designer, director and former model is still a contender. 

Sevigny is a style leader, known for her eclectic fashion sense and love of all things vintage. “Growing up in suburban Connecticut, most of my style influences were people I’d see around me: the rebels at school, the girls who were into alternative music in clunky shoes and black mock turtlenecks.

They were the crowd I wanted to roll with,” says Sevigny, who shot a photo diary for the Jimmy Choo collection in the Florida Keys while on location filming the second season of the Netflix drama Bloodline.

Her favourite shoe, the white Luc pump with the red vinyl at the toe cleavage, “would be great with jeans or a sexy dress,” she says. “They remind me of white pumps I’d wear in the ’90s. I love a white shoe. It’s a bold statement.”

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