One of Hermès' new senior directors, Nadége Vanhee-Cybulski, has presented her second set for the brand's 2016 Spring/Summer collection. As the first woman to lead the brand's women's ready-to-wear line, Vanhee-Cybulski brings strong femininity to the collection with dresses dominating set alongside relaxed sports spirits in dresses, jumpsuits, and trousers.

H-lines, pleats and juxtapositions in maxi and micro combinations further describe a new formula that is both spontaneous and improvised. An array of coats, blazers, blousons, skirts, shirts, tanks, and swimsuit tops with minimalist patterns completes Hermès' newest line.

Visual illusions and informal abstraction of movement, asymmetry, coloured panels, vertical and diagonal stripes bring pleasing details to the collection, all brought together with subtle and audacious mismatching in different hues of chestnut, greige, cream, off-white, white, and spectra of black and blue. Saturated bright reds, oranges, and the mineral colours of andalousite, carnelian, cordiérite, and red jasper all intersperse the collection with well-orchestrated burst of colours.

Technical canvas trainers and leather goods also adorn the outfits, ranging from suede goatskin pumps and ankle bracelets to smooth calfskin mules, belts, and ankle bracelets. Metal and crystalline resins occasionally inlaid with agate encircle necks, wrists, and waists. Vanhee-Cybulski also infuses the eperond'or, quadric, and ex-libris Hermès prints cleverly, making this collection an ode of simply splendiferous fabrics, not to forget sweet winks from lamb and calfskin. 

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