Born in Argentina and based in New York, Sofia ‘Chufy’ Sanchez is truly a global citizen. The art director turned 'model influencer' has collaborated with countless luxury brands over the years, and was naturally a shoe-in (pun intended) for the face of Roger Vivier’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

 Bruno Frisoni, Roger Vivier’s creative director, channelled his inspiration of Sanchez’s Argentinian heritage to create a new, limited edition Viv’Tango bag. 

“Roger Vivier is an incredible brand that has made its mark on fashion history," says Sanchez. "Lots of images stick in my mind: the Vogue cover in 1965 by David Bailey, Brigitte Bardot in thigh-high boots for a video in 1967, and all of those fabulous women who have worn Roger Vivier on their feet: Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, and so on.”

Browse Sanchez's favourite spring accessories from Roger Vivier:

Go lacy with Guipure

Dress them up or down (Photo: Courtesy Roger Vivier)

“I wear the booties with jeans and a leather jacket for walking in the street and running from one appointment to the next, or hurrying to the airport.”

A hold-all for your next getaway

Viv'Cabas in Tango (Photo: Courtesy Roger Vivier)

“I like bags that are classics with a twist. I always travel with a small and a big bag. The Viv’ cabas is perfect for that; it holds everything you need for a long-haul flight, an iPad, a passport, an iPhone, my jewellery, but doesn’t take up too much space.”

Slip-on sandals for sunny days

Ideal for a laid-back look (Photo: Courtesy Roger Vivier)

“I like the simplicity of the Slidy Viv’, their comfort, and that signature Vivier touch: the diamanté buckle that catches your eye! With a long skirt, they are perfect for an evening in Ibiza, and with boyfriend jeans they are ideal for going for a drink in the Marais.”

A heel for every day

The podium heel comes in a variety of colours and designs (Photo: Courtesy Roger Vivier)

“The podium heel has the perfect height, silhouette and heel, in coloured suede or leather sandals, even when – like me – you’re on the go for 18 hours on the trot.”

Boho chic is back

Black Espadrille Flower Strass shoes (Photo: Courtesy Roger Vivier)

“The Flower Strass line has that cool twist that only true luxury possesses. The Espadrille version goes with everything: a beach wedding or a gallery opening in Soho.”

Text by: Rebecca Cairns


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