I have long devoted myself to the creation of beautiful things, exploring every element of design and trying to find new discoveries in age-old traditions and fabrics. This book is a continuation of that goal and, much like a conversation, it permits me to share my ideas and deeply held beliefs

- Biyan Wanaatmadja 

'Every cloud has a silver lining' is an idiom that the cover of the book, simply titled 'BIYAN,' reminsces. A black and white image of an entranced woman walking up the roots of what must be a giant tree, to a destination unknown, is framed in a textured blue border -- then one sees the page glistening with a silver lining in which you could almost see a mirror reflection of yourself. 

Judging a book by its cover is the oldest cliché in the book, if you excuse the pun, but in the case of this coffee table publication -- the beauty of what might be waiting inside remains a mystery while casting a mesmerising spell to open and indulge in the world of the enigmatic designer from Indonesia -- Biyan Wanaatmadja. 

The story could be seen as a biography, but it soon turns into a feast of fashion photography. Perhaps the book could be best described in genre by designing a unique term deserving of capturing its true essence -- something like: Fashionography: the story of a life told through fashion. 

"The idea of creating a book first came to me because my fashion house's 30th anniversary was coming up. Loving books, I wanted to make one for the occasion. But the book had to be more than a list of achieved goals. My aim was to make it about sharing experiences -- and to make it as beautiful as possible," Biyan explains. 

Edited by Marc Ascoli and first published in the United States of America in 2015 by Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. in New York, the international status of Indonesia is manifested by one of the most iconic names in fashion both at home and abroad. Soul searching, a vast array of emotions are evoked by the visual images, as fashion design tells the story of a legend.