British TV presenter, former model and fashion “it girl” Alexa Chung has announced that she will release her own self-titled fashion line. Chung’s highly anticipated brand ALEXACHUNG is expected to be available at various retailers from May 2017. It will incorporate an assortment of day wear, evening wear, denim, jewellery, accessories and shoes.

“How we present [the products] is going to be something we need to really think about,” said Chung, who has previously collaborated with various high-profile brands including Marks and Spencer, Madewell, Supergra, Eyeko and AG Jeans.

“I know how the fashion industry stands today and how it’s changing very rapidly,” she continued. “I want to make sure that we are offering something that is exciting and unique and new. But the point of this brand is also that it connects to everyone. I’m not making something that has got a crazy high price point—I want to make sure its something that is speaking to everyone on the street.

“I feel as though I’m kind of prepared to do it now. If it had been any time sooner than this, I either wouldn’t be responsible enough or would not have been able to take on this kind of feat,” said the 32-year-old style icon.

She will take on the role of creative director of the brand and manage a team of six people including Edwin Bodson, the former studio head of Haider Ackermann. As a style icon, Alexa Chung has been admired for her fashion sense by millions of followers from around the world. Once the ALEXACHUNG line becomes available, undoubtedly its release will have people queuing up in order to emulate her “it girl” iconic looks.

While we are still a year away from seeing Chung’s vision come to life, if she does manage to achieve her goal of creating high-end designs at an affordable price that anyone can wear, Alexa Chung will become much more than just a style icon but position herself as one of fashion’s leading designers for years to come.

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