Natasha Vinski

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Always clad in the most glamorous of ensembles, Natasha Vinski powers through her busy schedule as CEO of Aero Queen and the Vinski Tower in high fashion. What would normally intimidate even the bravest fashionista lures is perfect for thise young entrepreneur in. Whether it’s her bright pink co-ord or her custom Dolce & Gabbana crown, she has never been known as one to shy away from statement pieces.

Selly Wilson

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As someone who keeps up with the latest fashion trends, it’s no wonder that Selly Wilson looks younger than everher years. This chic entrepreneur who looks up to Hailey Baldwin for style inspirations knows how to merge athleisure with high fashion just as easily as she mixes edgy brands like Off-White with a classic Bvlgari Bulgari clutch.

Windy Hartanto

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There’s no onenothing more sophisticated than Windy Hartanto and her wardrobes. Although you might see her dressed in clean-cut ensembles, this art enthusiast also experiments with outfits that are worthy of a museum. Though Although her graceful outfits might be the first thing that catches eanyone’s veryone’s attention, her sleek hair remains her most important accessory.

Renitasari Adrian

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As perhaps one of the most notable style icons in Indonesia, Renitasari epitomises youth as she dresses up inwith her eclectic patterns and asymmetrical shapes. Her national pride can easily be seen through the stunning yet simple ensembles she wears, which that are mostly made from the finest Indonesian fabrics. There’s no denying that Renitasari looks effortless in one of her go-to designers, Denny Wirawan, Mel Ahyar, and Tangan.

Farah Quinn

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The fabulous celebrity chef Farah Quinn has a killer sense of style. From casual and, sporty to elegant ensembles, Farah knows how to dress for every occasion. With her svelte figure, Farah always opts to remain classy while playing with a myriad of colours and patterns. Recently, Farah was spotted in chic Karen Millen’s outfits that she has worn foatr dinner parties, anniversaries, and other social events. For accessories, the mother-of-one likes to keep it simple with long, statement earrings, classic shades and sophisticated sling handbags.

Joy Roesma

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Ex-journalist,  and author of several books about urban mums in Jakarta— and a fashionable socialite to boot—, Joy Roesma is the epitome of beauty and brains. With her effortless charm and elegant looks, Joy Roesma always takes steals the spotlight in at all social occasions and even during her travels.! Recently, Joy has been keeping it fun with an edgy style and, deconstructed designs, and funky shoes and we got no problem with that.

Daisy Musin

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The Retail Director of Masari Group, Daisy Musin Dare is known for her ambitious looks. From gorgeous long dresses to chic blouses and cute skirts, Daisy likes to mix and match and keep her style fresh. Some of her favourite brands are Hermès, Lanvin, and Japanese Issey Miyake, and she never leaves the house without her adorable and one-of-a-kind clutches.

Miranthy Hakim

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With her sophisticated wardrobe choices and charming personality, Miranthy Hakim is flawless any time, any day. With black as one of her favourite colours, Miranthy is no’t afraid to experiment with other bright colours as well, like the gorgeous Halston Heritage dress and Valentino top she wore for our an Indonesia Tatler photo shoot this year. Not all about foreign brands, Miranhthy is also likely to be spotted in local designers’ creations, like Denny Wirawan, among others. For accessories, Miranthy is a simple lady. She only needs her Jimmy Choo’s pumps and Hermès Birkin handbag.

Ayu Mirah

Ayu Mirah Suardhana.JPG

This Balinese-born socialite is known for her charismatic personality and, her stylish flair, and her love for of kebaya dresses, which makes sense since she has her own fashion line, Amira Ayu Signature. Albeit Other than her pride forlove of gorgeous kebaya dresses, Ayu Mirah likes to keep it sporty and simple in different days with prestigious brands, like Michael Kors.

Kanty Widjaja

Kanty Widjaja.jpg

From casual tank tops to extravagant ball gowns, Kanty Widjaja knows how to pull off every look. Often opting to sport local designers, this MC is a true fashion chameleon whose confidence knows no limits. As a fan of bold patterns and tight-fittinged silhouettes, Kanty Widjaja always leaves an unforgettable impression in at every event she goes to.

(Photos courtesy's of Indonesia Tatler archive)

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