While fashion trends continue to introduce new styles every season, the industry would not be where it is today without the help of influential fashion icons. So, who left a fashion mark on your 2019? Let's rewind and look back at a few of our favourite statement makers in the fashion world.

1/5 Luna Maya

Best 1 LUna Maya.jpg

Photo: Luna Maya's Instagram

Luna Maya is definitely one of the best in Indonesia when it comes to fashion style. Throughout the year, she continuously amazed her fans with her remarkable fashion taste, from casual look to party look. See more of her style here, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to steal her look!

2/5 Azza Dina

Best 2 Azza Dina.jpg

Photo: Azza Dina's Instagram

The beautiful Surabaya socialite, Azza Dina, indeed has always appeared in her best look in every chance throughout the year. And of course, that’s exactly the reason why she’s on this list. From long dresses to a more casual attire, she is definitely one of the style icons of 2019 who will leave you in awe.

3/5 Chiang Yu Lan

Best 3 Yulanchiang.jpg

Photo: Chiang Yu Lan's Instagram

When we’re talking about fashion and style, Chiang Yu Lan is one socialite that you shouldn't leave out. This passionate and loving woman has always attended the city’s hottest events in her best look. Elegant and stylish, she definitely succeeded in leaving a fashion mark on our 2019.

4/5 Arnold Putra

Best 4 Arnold Putra.jpg

Photo: Arnold Putra's Instagram

Arnold Putra may be one of the most stylish men out there, and he couldn’t prove it to us any further. Try giving a visit to his Instagram account and you will see how much efforts he gives to create new boundaries in fashion. Also, a good news to all fashion enthusiasts out there, Arnold will be featured on Indonesia Tatler’s March 2020 issue, so stay tuned to see more of him!

5/5 Maia Estianty

Best 5 Maia.jpg

Photo: Maia Estianty's Instagram

Leave it up to Maia Estianty to always look fashionable and stylish. From glamorous parties, television events, to holiday look, Maia always manages to amaze her fans with her elegant taste and up-to-date fashion items. Now prepare yourself to see more of her beautiful style here and don’t forget to steal her look!

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