Even in the serene sanctuary that is Ubud, Bali, there stands a sanctum of fine cuisine eloquently blending international techniques with the best of local ingredients: Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique. Ask anyone regarding good food in Ubud and the Mozaic name will surely come up. Founder and Head Chef Chris Salans brings to guests’ tables the best of his experience in modern French cooking and presentation, but with flavours that are decidedly Indonesian. If all that hasn’t caught your attention, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique’s latest offering will surely pique your interest.

Starting in June last year, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique has been open for lunch at The Workshop, which stands at the end of Mozaic’s garden—a stylish, air-conditioned space fitted with dining tables and the latest in kitchen technology. It is here that diners get to have lunch, right as Chef Chris Salans prepares it. Guests also have the chance to interact with the chefs and even walk up to the kitchen in between courses. A scrumptious dining experience set against the backdrop of Ubud’s rice paddies that is also educational? What more could one ask for?

Arturro Eggo, world-renowned fashion designer, and his friend Cetin Candan, the Bali property magnate. Going down the lush walkway surrounded by trees and greenery and past the outdoor dining area, our guests couldn’t help but wonder if there was a space even more beautiful than this. Expectations and preconceived notions were shattered as we stepped into The Workshop.

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