As an Indonesian woman, we sure are proud to have batik as our country’s traditional fabric. What makes this art form remarkably unique is its ability to mix and match millions of colors, motifs and patterns. Batik is made of natural materials including cotton or silk. These natural materials have the ability to absorb the wax that is exerted in the dye-resisting procedure. Designers worked so carefully to an extent that the cloth used for the batik is washed and boiled a number of times so additional and unused materials such as chalk, lime and starch is nicely cleaned off. The whole process of creating a batik cloth sure is unique in its own way.

Now as traditional as it may seem, fashion designers had played a major role in creating newer and contemporary designs of batik to keep up with the western generation. Hereby, we have come up with 5 ways to modernise the batik look naturally.

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

First and foremost, the amount of batik patterns available cannot be counted in numbers. There are way too many and it is time we make the most out of it. In order to have this traditional pattern look differently modern, merging patterns and blending in different colors together sure will do the job! For instance, you could pair a flower patterned batik blouse with a monochrome color culottes and you are set to go.

Don’t limit yourself

Go big or go home! Deep down somewhere, everyone has their inner fashion sense waiting to be unleashed, and this is your time. When the batik patterns has millions for you to choose from, you’re definitely in good hands. Simply, we mean that with the opportunity given it is time you make the most out of the batik fabrics.

Add an accessory

Whether its a headband or a necklace, any accessory is known to make any outfit look way more presentable than it already is. One accessory has the ability to transform your entire outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a low-neck blouse, a shining neckpiece would do the job. Or if you are wearing a batik printed jumpsuit, you could simply pair it with a batik printed bandana.

Keep up with the trends

Keeping up with the fashion industry can be hard work, cause trends are changing way too quickly, but it’s not impossible. Halfway through 2018, two biggest fashion trends we’ve seen this year are: trouser suits & fanny packs. Combining batik fabrics with a trouser suit is definitely simple. Your go-to look could be a batik printed trouser suit worn with a plain inner and you look catwalk ready! Next, fanny packs can be well used with a batik blouse and jeans or shorts!

Mix & Match

Yes, wearing two different batik printed patterns is totally acceptable. You could be wearing a leaf-patterned batik blouse with a flower-patterned batik skirt and you would still nailed the look. Although, definitely keep in mind to colour coordinate.

Banner Photo: Photo Courtesy of Bateeq

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