He never intentionally choose to make Kebaya and Batik. It all started when he was asked to develop Jambi Batik and Songket, then all fall in its own places. During his journey, he always took lots of visual souvenir not to be a photographer but as a memento of his experience. A glimpse of this memento is presented in the exhibition as instax mosaic.

Edo (his nickname) believes that Batik is a civilization cloth that its presence will not be possible without an ecosystem. No superhero in the dictionary of Batik. It requires lots of craftsmanship with many skills that love and dedicated their life for the perfection of the artwork.

Here, the artisans will be exposed from their natural place (behind the artwork) to stand side-by-side with their works. The exhibition room is also blanketed with the Classical Batik by forerunner Maestro. These civilization cloth have their own stories as part of the life of its previous owner, in the custom rite of birth, marriage, and death of daily lives.

In ‘Batik Journey’ fashion show and exhibition, Edo refining the substantial definition of Batik. For him, Batik is not just pattern but a thoughtful and meaningful painting. With this interpretation, it’s taboo to make anything from this by cutting through Batik.

He took a more thoughtful approach by making the pattern first. Afterwards the Batik process can begin. With this approach, he is no longer in confrontation but becoming one with Batik.

Looking back to Edo’s history, we can see the shift of his thought. From ‘Fast Fashion’ with its glam and shine which last according to season. Then along the way, he return to his root, exploring through time, extracting the meaning of fashion from its source. Starting as an inspiration, collector, and romanticism.

Then towards ‘Slow Fashion’ where time is an essential element either in making or wearing. Digested in simplicity but its vibration last through seasons and years. Something he grasps through action not in the flowery words and concept. We were really enjoying the ‘Batik Journey’ show a lot!

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