A glimpse at the exquisite detailing in Louis Vuitton’s fall/winter 2018 collection reveals the painstaking handiwork of the artisans who make the brand synonymous with quality craftsmanship.

With its fantasy spaceship set on an old horse courtyard at the Louvre, Louis Vuitton’s fall/winter 2018 runway show felt like something out of the Star Wars saga, but the hands behind the collection were definitively human.

A human touch

15102853-6_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

Beyond the space-suit shoulders and neoprene fabrics that fed the futuristic theme, most pieces were balanced by old-school tailoring.

Meticulous methods

15102835-10_resized_2000x1333.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

A Louis Vuitton artisan embroiders fabric with the hook and needle technique.

Details, details

15102836-8_resized_1495x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

This melding of modern and classic has long been a mark of the French fashion house, and especially so since Nicolas Ghesquière took the helm as artistic director. The juxtaposition was embodied this season by a beautiful bustier crocheted by hand to make a precise waterfall pattern.

Elegant embellishment

15102904-9_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

The opening look of an intricate tweed jacket adorned with metal chains that mimicked motherboard circuitry. Each delicate string was painstakingly hand-stitched with the hook and needle technique to create the interlaced chain embroidery.

 No shortcuts

15102902-7_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

 The precise, intricate beadwork formed an organised asymmetry of patterns, clearly demonstrating there are some things that can only be done by hand.

Better in leather

15102836-2_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

Given Louis Vuitton’s history as a maker of leather trunks, it would be hard to ignore the latest leather accessories.

If the shoe fits

15102836-4_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

As well as the classic flat purses rebelliously held sideways, the shoes that walked the runway were works of art in their own right. 

One of the opening stunners is made of white ostrich leather, with the shape hand-cut before each dot was hand-painted and python leather was added over the heel. 

Step by step

15102836-3_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

After the delicate black leather arch is assembled, the gold harness detail is added.

The grand finale

15102835-1_resized_1333x2000.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gregoire Vieille

In contrast to the heavy-duty Archlight sneakers of seasons past, this ladylike shoe with equestrian detailing not only played to the 19th-century setting, but was a reminder of LV’s reverence for craftsmanship no matter how much it embraces modernity.

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