Born in 1989, Vinora Ng grew up with the influence of her grandfather who was an artist. At the age of 17, she started taking fashion education at Mod'Art, Paris. Her distinct approach in design attracted the attention of the Indonesian fashion industry when she was awarded first place in the Lomba Perancang Mode (Fashion Designers Contest) Awards in 2009.

Then, after years of research and experimentation, she decided to pursue the launch of her own label, VINORA. Ng’s contemporary approach to design plays with the gestures and conventions of a classic attire. Known for its craftsmanship and exceptional materials, VINORA offers discreet and timeless unconventional essentials.

Over the seasons, VINORA hascontinued to explore the advancement of the finest-quality natural materials. Embracing innovation and tradition, it evinces a luxurious feel in texture and touch. As part of her master plan and at the same time seeking to embody her vision as a fashion designer, Vinora Ng has now opened VINORA’s first freestanding store located in Jl. Barito II No. 21 in Jakarta.

Here, the young designer answers 10 questions, so read on to get to know her a little better.


Please share with us what you’re currently busy with.

Right now, I am working on my seasonal collections and a menswear collection to represent Indonesia at the International Woolmark Prize.

What exactly is your role with VINORA?

I’m the creative director of the luxury ready-to-wear line for both women and men.

Can you tell us about how your passion for fashion evolved?

My interest in fashion first started with the artistic influence of my grandfather, as well as my parents who are both fashion enthusiasts.

Tell us: how do you define “fashion” or your fashion philosophies?

To me, fashion is a manifestation in the form of ideas and design as a result of current events.

What do you think about the current trends in the fashion industry?

I have no particular feelings or thoughts: it’s all relative. I just adapt those that are relevant to my brand.

What is the VINORA’s brand DNA, that makes it different from other fashion brands?

Contemporary, discreet, timeless, unconventional essentials.

How would you describe your aesthetic and signature design, and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other designers?

My designs are recognisable by their distinct play with the gestures and conventions of classic attire. To simplify, you could describe it as “unconventional essentials”.  Other than my designs, our clients love our attention to craftsmanship and exceptional materials.

What’s your best fashion advice for women?

Find out what works best with your body and personality and dress appropriately according to the occasion.

Please share with us your goals and ambition for the future: what can we expect in the coming year from VINORA?

I want to secure a strong foundation, slowly but surely.
I always focus on my own race, aiming for improvement, to always make it better.

What are your top-3 tips on how to become a successful fashion designer?

Do your research, know who you are, 

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