There’s no denying that traveling is one of the greatest joys in life, but remember, that even during your travels, don’t just wear your best looks, but also outfits that make you comfortable throughout the day. Don’t have a clue how? Worry not: these socialites will show you how to style comfortable yet memorable outfits.

Kezia Toemion

As one of ESQA’s leading ladies, it comes to no surprise that Kezia really knows how to work her looks. If there’s one thing we can learn from her is how to rock a sporty ensemble with a luxury lady-like handbag like this Hermés.

Sabrina Joseph

As the founder of fashion e-commerce HuntStreet, being stylish yet comfortable comes as second nature to Sabrina. With her traditional yet trendy net bag, this is how you can still look cool in the summer heat. 

Shalvynne Chang

Shalvynne Chang .jpeg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Shalvynne Chang

Who says you can’t wear your mini-skirt in winter? Paired with her thigh-high leather boots, Shalvynne looks effortlessly elegant in this outfit.

Vannya Istarinda

For someone as sporty as Vannya, casual attire is her go-to look. But with impeccable accessories such as these Gucci sneakers and her Lindy handbag, this casual wear has been elevated to another level.

Taniadynata Gunawan

Partying at Coachella has never been easier since the rise of belt bags. With everything you need strapped to your hip, like Taniadynata, you won’t have to worry about your belongings or accessorising anymore.

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