If you're looking to start the week with a whole new wardrobe, you'll be happy to know Sebastian Gunawan just launched his latest collection, Cromia, on September 21. Inspired by illustrious artist Henri Matisse, the fashion designer's show was filled with juxtaposing colors and silhouettes that departed from Sebastian Gunawan's trademark style. Nevertheless, invitees were left awestruck as the stunning designs hit the runway - the same impression you'd leave others should you wear these 7 ensembles in a week.

Monday: Neverending meetings

OGXL8522.JPGPhoto: Heri B. Haryanto

Who says work outfits need to be bland? Cinched at the waist with a long cheeky red fabric that forms a bow at the back, this ensemble will power you through your Monday morning in an instant.

Tuesday: Gala dinner

OGXL8557.JPGPhoto: Heri B. Haryanto

Tap into your inner supermodel and don this sleek golden dress for a gala dinner. Whether you’re giving a speech or not, this dress will leave a lasting impression while seeming effortless.

Wednesday: Fashion show

OGXL8566.jpgPhoto: Heri B. Haryanto

If you’re in for a little bit of drama for your middle-of-the-week fashion show or photoshoot, here’s the perfect outfit for you. With astonishing black ruffles and pure white accents, no dress embraces lightness and darkness better than this one.

Thursday: Surprise party

OGXL8553.JPGPhoto: Heri B. Haryanto

Remember that party you forgot to prepare for? Slip on this red dress and you won’t need to prepare much more. Paired with statement earrings and a sleek hairdo, you’ll be good to go in less than an hour.

Friday: Night out

OGXL8543.jpgPhoto: Heri B. Haryanto

Ready to have a wild Friday night out but still prefer to wear pants? This deep V-neck tunic and velvet trousers combo will do it all without jeopardising comfort.

Saturday: High teaOGXL8515.JPG

Photo: Heri B. Haryanto

Having high tea with some friends but still want to look picture-perfect? Pair this preppy outerwear with nude or skinny white jeans—or even shorts to shake things up.

Sunday: Wedding dayOGXL8599.JPG

Photo: Heri B. Haryanto

If your wedding’s around the corner, this is the perfect number for you. The elegant-looking, princess-like deep V-neck dress is something that you should consider. Also, this dress will make you look even skinnier and more glamorous!

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