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Amanda Hartanto and Ayla Dimitri share their love for batik

Batik designer Amanda Hartanto met content creator Ayla Dimitri through a mutual friend in 2016. After a series of chats, the two met and instantly clicked—and so far, they have collaborated on two collections over two consecutive years. Amanda, who recently released her Resort 2018 collection, praises Ayla. “Ayla is a very kind soul. She is smart, cool, very creative and helpful. I think she is a real fashion icon and a good example for young people nowadays.” On the other hand, Ayla also admires Amanda. “I know Amanda built her label from scratch. She is a tenacious and hardworking person—she started with a small team and look where she is now. She made batik, our local fabric, famous and she creates such a big opportunity. She is very supportive and open to discussion,” says Ayla, “Amanda is like my own sister.” Amanda started her own eponymous label, Amanda Hartanto Batik, in 2011. Her design focuses on a modern take on batik, creating ready-to-wear collections that are wearable, chic, and sophisticated.

Ayla admits that she learned a lot about batik from Amanda and her mum, who is also a batik collector. “I am a fan of batik and I think it’s important to appreciate and preserve batik, as it is part of our wonderful culture,” says Ayla.

Simply Stylish

Traditional Indonesian fabrics turn the century with PURANA as modelled by the talented Julie Estelle

Three years ago, two felicitous events happened to Nonita Respati—one was that her seven-year-old PURANA brand that she grew from small seeds had gained a partner to oversee the business side while she focuses on the creative side. “We bring modern touches to traditional Indonesian fabrics to change the popular perspective that they’re not easily wearable or too ceremonial,” said Nonita, “The indigenous craftspeople work together with us to develop their craft further.” The second event was when a long-time friend asked her to support a young star named Julie Estelle, which Nonita quickly agreed to. “She embodies the qualities of a PURANA woman: your next-door type of girl who is feminine yet also strong,” Nonita said. “Julie is also humble and stays true to herself although she has a lot of accomplishments.” Julie, on the other hand, loves Nonita’s handiwork for its laidback, airy, and comfy points that look effortless despite the many intricacies going for each piece. “One of my favourites is the terracotta set of pants, jacket, and bralette from PURANA’ spring/summer collection,” said Julie, “I like simple yet stylish clothing, and this ensemble just exudes the feeling of a warm summer day.”

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