Generation T


Aldi Haryopratomo

When young start-up founders were flocking towards e-commerce, Aldi sought to serve grassroot communities through RUMA, a technology-based micro nance service. His drive to serve those considered unbankable was rooted in his experience working for a US-based micro nance institution.
RUMA enables agents, usually small shop owners, to use mobile phones to provide people with access to electricity bill and loan repayment services, in addition to job advertisements. Last year, RUMA launched Arisan Mapan, a system that allows up to 15 group members to pool their funds in order to buy necessities. The service was first rolled out in the islands of Java, Bali, and Madura. The Purdue University and Harvard Business School graduate says that the ultimate goal of RUMA is to boost economic welfare in Indonesia by strengthening communal capacity and bonds.