Going Digital

Tio Setyoso, owner of Berriestore


“More than 75 per cent of our handcrafted products are sourced from local artisan makers,” Tio Setyoso tells Indonesia Tatler Homes. Tio, who is also an interior designer, has always had a passion for advancing local artists and designers through the e-commerce industry. Aware of the developments that the digital era has brought, Tio had a dream to take the local design industry to a higher level. Everything from furniture, interior accessories to artworks are featured online on Berriestore.com. Officially launched in 2017, the marketplace continues to expand into an offline store located in one of South Jakarta’s leading shopping malls. This colourful man hopes that together with Berriestore he can put some new colours in the local design industry.

Passion to Action

Michelle Halim, owner of JellySpace


Getting the right furniture with good quality, especially in Jakarta, can be both challenging and time consuming. This fact inspired Michelle Halim to launched JellySpace.co in 2017. “I curated and searched for beautiful pieces from everywhere—most of this knowledge is only available to industry insiders, and I wanted to make it available to everyone,” she explained to Indonesia Tatler Homes. JellySpace aims to provide different styles, timeless designs, and the best quality of craftsmanship through an e-commerce service.  The biggest challenge is to find local craftsmanship that meets the required standards, but Michelle never gives up. For imported brands, she only selects products that will be unique in design, but also functional. “I believe in hard work, honesty and teamwork. Never be afraid to get your hands dirty,” she said. 

Culinary Leader

Sugih Yusuf, Managing Director of Nobilia Indonesia


Photo Courtesy of Irwan Kurnia

Smart, casual and simple. That’s how Sugih Yusuf, better known by the nickname Alung, describes himself. Early on, he realised the needs of the local market for a luxurious lifestyle, and that was the start of everything for him. In 2015, the food lover decided to establish PT Nobilindo Cabinet Indonesia, commonly known as Nobilia Kitchen. Focusing on the kitchen cabinet industry, Nobilia is known as one of the market leaders in Europe. The brand only uses non-toxic woods as its main materials. As for the aesthetics, the brand brings elegant and timeless characters to its designs. Alung’s passion for the kitchen design industry has successfully taken his brand to the next level.

Timeless Elegance 

Lisa Thohir, Hireka Vitaya and Alinda Garibaldi Thohir, owners of Interni Asia

IMG_3777 Mrs ElizabethTjandra Thohir, Mrs Hireka Vitaya and Mrs Alinda G. Thohir .JPG

Starting small with poky premises in Tebet in 2001, Interni Asia soon spread its wings and got bigger and better. Now a well-known local label, Hireka Vitaya, one of the company’s owners, tells Indonesia Tatler Homes about the beginning of Interni Asia. She was challenged by the owner of an apartment project that she was working on at that time to use premium fabrics for the project—and it all grew out of that. These days, this famous brand is now located in a new showroom on Barito Street, South Jakarta.

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