Decorations for Eid celebrations don’t have to be limited to woven ketupat ornaments and Islamic calligraphy. Here are some ideas for spicing up your place.

Festive Plates 

There are two things you can do with plates: eat food off them or hang them on your wall. Why put your plates down if you can show them to your guests? Nowadays it isn’t uncommon to use unconventional items for decorative purposes.

Arabesque Lanterns and Fairy Lights

 If there’s one thing that never goes out of style it’s candleholders. During the day, you can leave them on your tabletop or hang them as decorations. Choose candleholders with intricate patterns or vibrant colours so that even during the day they bring your place to life. As the sun sets, light the candles to give the room a friendly ambiance. There’s nothing more soothing than enjoying good food with friends and family in a candlelit room. 

Floor Cushions 

Leave the classic table setting for larger parties and change up the scenery for small gatherings with your family and closest friends. By opting to use floor cushions, you’ll be creating a more intimate atmosphere. There are many ways you can style the setting, ranging from the exotic Middle Eastern-style to a chic modern style.

Room Divider / Dressing Screen

If you’re hosting a big party at your house, keep watch on the guests to make sure they don’t get lost and slow down your party. Instead of always reminding people which turns to take, purchase some room dividers or dressing screens and let them lead the way.

Canopies and Rugs

Spice up your party by incorporating more colours and textures. Whether as small as a rug or as long as a ceiling canopy, these fabrics will give that extra Middle Eastern touch. These fabrics can be used both indoors and outdoors. Balance intricate rugs with a simpler canopy made out of light fabrics.

Photo courtesy: Chic Street Journal, Méchant Studio and Binaryflips Photography, Our Labor of Love, Park Hyatt Seoul, Home of Thrones.

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