They say “Home is where the heart is”, but not every house can be a home for its owner. The perfect house should represent your personality, style, and taste. If you’re looking for new ways to decorate it, here are some of the interior design trends that you can adopt for your own house.


Wood is an everlasting trend that remains easily adaptable however many years go by. But every year, wood embellishments come in different styles. Though wooden furniture will always be sought after, but this ceilings is one of the coolest must-have items.

 Gentle colours

 This year is the year of gentle colours. Lavender, blush pink, sage, and blue are often used in interior design. It goes without saying that these colours will make you feel calm and homely every time you’re there.

Industrial marble

Marble can go well with any colour and style. Depending on how you incorporate it, you can make it look either elegant or edgy. But since 2018 is all about being chic and industrial, opt for using marble in your bathroom. That way, not only will it look good, it will leave a lasting impression.

Gold accents

You can never go wrong with the colour gold. This year, switch the silver details in your furniture with golds instead to add a bit of luxury. These gold accents will elevate your bedroom in an instant.

 Fresh foliage

To freshen things up and amp up the aesthetics, adding foliage to your rooms will surely make them homier. Adding nature to your house will instantly add life to it. Foliage is an easy fixe that will always stay trendy.


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