SALONEDELMOBILE.MILANO_02.jpgFor Minotti, 2018 is a very special year. It marks the company’s 70th anniversary, a milestone that commemorates the company’s commitment to interior design. Three generations and history in the making that epitomize an enormous achievement and a point of departure, where manufacturing tradition, innovation and design form a unique style that embodies the emotions, feelings and values of a family.

Established by Alberto Minotti in 1948, the company planted its roots in post-WWII Italy, steeped in high-quality manufacturing tradition, and grew with the country’s 1960s industrial boom. As Made in Italy products gained currency around the world, so has Minotti, over the course of 70 years, become an internationally known and recognized brand.

G9A5604©ChristianGrund.jpgA long journey that saw the handover from father, Alberto, to sons Renato and Roberto, brought the use of high-tech manufacturing solutions, yet retained hand-crafted quality. The passion, dedication and long-term vision, that have marked the success of the company over its seventy years, are shared today by the third generation: in the forefront, Alessio, Alessandro and Susanna who are facing the challenges of the third millennium with its digital and multicultural world.

This year, in consideration of the ongoing company growth in the sign of continuity and rigour as inspired by Rodolfo Dordoni, Minotti has embraced an exciting creative multicultural exchange, thanks to surprising new interpretations by distinguished design and architecture professionals, like Nendo, Marcio Kogan and Christophe Delcourt (who has already designed few pieces for the company last year), coordinated by the Milanese designer. The result is an entirely multifaceted collection, that reveals a design approach open to a variety of eloquently individualized contributions, rooted in diverse cultural backgrounds. While maintaining the elegant shapes, discreet designs and continuity deeply embedded in the company’s DNA, the design language is distinctly international.ALBERT 01.jpg

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary, Minotti has launched two special editions full of emotional and design significance. Albert&Ile are a clear tribute to founder and father, Alberto Minotti and to his wife, Ileana, now Honorary President of the company. Designed by Gigi Radice in the 1960s and now part of the Minotti Historical Archives, Albert&Ile is the special edition of a family of seats and a coffee table with vintage flair. A perfect expression of the classic-contemporary spirit the company is known for. Albert has 1900s-inspired armrests and the classic lines of 1950s design aesthetics. Ile, instead, harks back to the 1960s. The concave shape of the seat back and classic armchair design, interpreted through the multifaceted lens typical of the period, lend distinction.

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