Tatlergram is back! This time, Indonesia Tatler will present to you our top 5 must-see walk-in closet design inspiration. From the classy look to 2-stories walk-in closet, we will reveal our choices on the list below. 

1/5 Monochrome look 

Who says that monochrome is not suitable for a walk-in closet? The mixture of colour harmony between black and white is perfect to make your closet look simple yet elegant.  For example, the closet look below which has a monochrome themed floor and white shelf. Add more awesomeness, put a black ottoman sofa and chandelier. Then, your closet is perfect to store your newest Louis Vuitton bag. 

2/5 All White 

Use white colour if you want to make your closet look shiny. You may take an example from the closet design above which is dominated with all-white shelves and floor. Furthermore, put see-through glass in the front of the drawer to make it easier when looking through your goods. 

3/5 Princess closet 

For those of you who are not satisfied with having a minimalist walk-in closet and have many things to be stored, you can copy the design of this two-stories walk-in closet. Plus this closet has a design that reminds us of European palaces. For extra, add a touch of color with the addition of purple curtains, carpets, pillows. 

4/5 Classy look 

Bring classic vibe into your walk-in closet with the help of all-white design with little touch of gold. Aside from that, you may choose white marble floor to make anyone get amazed with elegance when they put their feet on your closet for the very first time. Also, put a matching colour ottoman sofa and chandelier in the middle of your closet. Then your closet is all set.

5/5 Place for bags 

Finally for the last one, this one is the perfect walk-in closet design for you who are big fans of bags. This walk-in closet is packed with little shelves to put your best Birkin or Chanel. Then, once all your bags are being put down neatly, your closet will look more colourful and pretty. Don't forget, add a rectangular sofa and a chandelier to complete this colourful walk-in closet.

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