The fire crackles cosily in an impressive fireplace and the rug rustles softly on the dark wood floor in harmony with the Alfred sofa, the Ermione armchairs, the Judit chairs and the Crown table.

A long wall made from the precious Verde Alpi marble, dark with green veins running through, provides a dramatic setting for the living area. Meanwhile, woven cowhide divider-panels convert the space into a cocoon of rest.

Echoing between Art Deco and retro, Stefano Gaggero directs and Roberto Lazzeroni, who has collaborated with the company for 10 years, to design Flexform MOOD with the present in mind. Oakwood is layered in matte red accents and stained in ash and dark ebony, while metal is burnished to amber tones.

The collection is a departure from Pantone 2017’s leafy springtime Greenery shades and instead focuses on interpreting green-blue colours on the furniture from intense to muted— powdery tones of aqua green, jade and anise, for example. Details are set in vivid aubergine and red, while shapes are moulded in rounded, bevelled and curved lines to further exude warmth.

Drawing inspiration from dotted sartorial neckties, patterns in black and white—among many other motif —cover a series of sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and beds for an intimate feel. On the other hand, the catalogue cover is printed with a suede-touch effect in a steel-grey tone for a clean feel in contrast with the rigorous graphics; the paper inside is finely coated.

Inside the MOOD catalogue is the whole collection portrayed in 100 luminous photographs with detailed captions to capture the delicate and relaxing atmosphere of the living areas, dining rooms and bedrooms.

At the centre of it are the Alfred sofa, the Ermione armchairs, the Judit chairs and the Crown table alongside the slogan, “An Intimate Look”, to indulge in the warmth of a well-furnished home as well as public places.

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