The design inspiration for this condominium development in Singapore was based on the clients’ own personalities. “They worked in the Mindef—the Singaporean army—which kind of personifies their character in this home,” says Mark Chen from Singapore-based design firm Artistroom. “The couple love rugged activities and wanted their living space to be a little edgy, which we tried to incorporate into the design.”

Chen explains that the concept for the condo was developed to create an industrial, raw and edgy atmosphere. Based on these elements, Artistroom planned a unit that reflected a masculine and modern feel juxtaposed with a warm ambience coming from the use of wood as a medium. 

Named the Astor Green, this 111-square-metre condominium took about four months for the design and build process to reach completion. “To give the inner environment a truly edgy feel, we used cement screed as well as aluminium structures throughout the apartment,” says Chen. “And to extend this feeling, we also used glass in between the structures to allow light into the space. This also makes the apartment look wider and bigger.”

The highlights of the design are its ergonomics and the artfully hidden storage spaces. Artistroom re-modified the walls in the corridor walkway so they could fit a full-height cabinet that stretches from one wall to the other. The designer also inserted a walk-in-wardrobe in the master bedroom, with frosted and wired sliding doors separating the bedroom and wardroom areas. 

The wooden panel in the master bedroom is another favourite for the design team. “We had the idea of using full-flush wooden panel in which storage spaces could be hidden. At the same time, in the middle there’s a door that links to the master bathroom,” explains Chen. 

When asked about the most challenging aspect of the project, Chen says: “The biggest lesson we learned was how to work with an odd layout—the floorplan basically looked like the curved outline of a ship. At the same time, we needed to work with this shape so that the storage space would be totally efficient, freeing up the living spaces.”

“After all, every home has to be cozy to be in and have functional spaces as well as storage areas. And, of course, it has to cater to each individual living in that space,” he concludes.

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