Roland Adam was first posted as the store manager of Chickmang in 1989 before he fell for the art of conceptualising window displays. At the time, he was a fresh graduate of Business from London who never thought he would be one of Indonesia’s pioneers in interior design. Today, the full-spirited man has an experience record of over 25 years in the industry and is the brand ambassador of fine French silver flatware brand, Christofle.

 “I am not your typical interior designer who has a forte, instead I am flexible when it comes to designing, depending on what my clients are after. However, I am more inclined towards designing residences,” Roland claims.

 Although Roland is very much involved in the designing process of a client’s home, he believes it is key for the client to actually feel at home when he/she enters the premise.

 “I would like my clients to return to their own home instead of ‘Roland’s home.’ So even though they choose me as their interior designer, I would like to be their mentor in guiding them on how to tweak their ideas, instead of completely altering them,” he says.

 Being a man full of experience in the industry makes it possible for Roland to look back through the years to identify his designs and what he could have done better. However, Roland believes the key to the perfect interior setting is to make it everlasting as compared to classic or trendy, which are styles that go in and out of fashion. Even though it is more likely that accessories go out of style, when the major overall ambience insinuates timelessness, the entire residence is able to maintain its elegance.

 “The basic philosophy of interior design lies in composition. I am where I am today because of the journey I began with, which involved window displays in Chickmang, to designing client’s rooms or terraces before being able to design entire residences,” he explains.

 Apart from his successful career as an interior designer, Roland is also using his profession for the well-being of the rural areas and underprivileged society in Indonesia with Tenun Cita Indonesia. Roland is involved in mentoring the weavers of remote areas, such as Sambas and Wakatobi, in designing their products aptly and using the right colour compositions for them to be able to sell and make a living out of their products. Roland is a passionate Indonesian who is fond of local traditional products such as batik and believes that it is mandatory for citizens to be able to embrace the beauty Indonesia is blessed with.

 To conclude the lovely afternoon, we asked Roland what the biggest challenge in the interior design industry is and his reply was: “Having clients who do not know what they want. That has so far been my greatest challenge. Although what is even more challenging is making those clients happy with the end result.”