From dresses to shoes to wetsuits, Cynthia Rowley has conquered the fashion world. Now, she is set to take over the world of furniture. Cynthia has teamed up with Hooker Furniture to release her own line of luxury furniture.

Cynthia Rowley—voted Designer of the Year by the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) in 2015—has been rocking the fashion world with her designs. Her cheery, colourful aesthetics have wowed both critics and fans alike. Her spectacular themed fashion shows are always highly anticipated. Cynthia is often called upon as a style authority on television—she has appeared on shows such as Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, and Oprah among others.

Outside of fashion, Cynthia had always been interested in furniture design. To Cynthia, fashion and style go beyond clothing and accessories. It was only two years ago when she decided to turn her visions of furniture design into reality. The search for a reputable and dependable partner led her to Hooker Furniture.

Hooker Furniture started out in 1925 under the leadership of Clyde Hooker Jr. Today, the third-generation company is led by Paul B Toms Jr, grandson of Clyde. Over the decades, Hooker Furniture has become one of the US’s premier importers and manufacturers of furniture.

The transition from fashion design to furniture design was a seamless one for Cynthia. Applying the same creative processes, Cynthia was able to apply her designs onto a different canvas. Cynthia defines her style as being free-spirited and eclectic, with a global vision. She strongly believes in the freedom to mix-and-match furniture, as is common to do in fashion. The Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture line is whimsical yet sophisticated, with touches of Cynthia’s signature flair and bubbliness.

When asked which of piece of furniture from her new line her favourite was, Cynthia simply could not answer. She thought for a while and looked around the showroom before finally giving the following answer: “There are just too many to choose from!”

However, when asked for tips to brighten up a home setting, she replied with a smirk: “Just be sure to pick up items from the Cynthia Rowley collection!”

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