Durance Pillow Perfume

Sleeping difficulty can be experienced by anyone. The causes come from a variety of problems, ranging from stress or a lot of thought. Undeniably, sleeplessness also disrupts the activities during the day because of the drowsiness that suddenly appeared.

Base on that fact, Durance, a brand fragrance from France released a perfume that deliberately created to overcome these problems and make sleep more soundly. The product named Pillow Perfume has a wide variety of scents ranging from rose, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, and much more.

Described by Nicolas Ruth, the CEO of Durance, The Pillow Perfume was created specifically to help you sleep more quickly and improve the quality of sleep. "Scents of these Durance was created for relaxation and makes our mind more calm that makes people can sleep soundly,"  he said at theArt de Vivre and Art de la Terre event held by Durance.

Furthermore, Nicolas explains, the content in Pillow Perfume is composed of 95% natural extracts of flowers or herbs. While the remaining 5% is a mixture of various other natural ingredients that the pillow perfume fragrance is not too 'stab' for the nose.

Although sprayed onto the pillowcase, this perfume will not make the material yellowing, unless the material of the pillowcase originates from silk. The Pillow Perfume has staying power throughout the night, which is about 7 to 8 hours. Not only sprayed on the pillow, perfume can also be used to scent bags, curtains, dolls, or a room.