For Husin Tan and his wife Dewi Husein, any home requires simplicity and a relaxing ambience as absolute musts. But their ideal space also tells their own story and captures their personal style, as well as showcases their many personal treasures, and all in a totally modern way. Luckily, their current home ticks all these boxes—and then some.

“We moved in about four years ago and lived with our daughter here,” says Tan. “We much prefer this place to our previous home; its modern and minimalistic style still feels fresh after all these years.”

The house is a stunning three-storey home located in one of the most prestigious locations in North Jakarta—Pantai Indah Kapuk—and is notable not only for its size, but also for the strong design concept that sets it apart from the surrounding properties, which are more classical in style. In fact, the house almost looks like huge black and white boxes offset by a Zen garden. Meanwhile, a pool is located by the lobby, which itself reveals majestic floor-to-ceiling doors made from ebony.

On the same floor as the main entrance is the foyer, which presents visitors with the serene faces of Buddha statues with a huge Buddhist prayer carved on the white wall surface. The prayer stretches from the floor to the ceiling and is a calligraphic masterpiece—the frst of its kind, in fact, which led it to be recognised by the Indonesian World Records Museum.

The area right behind the entrance foyer houses the private quarters, including the living area, the master bedroom, and the kitchen and dining area, all with touches of tropical ambience that echo like reflections from the swimming pool. The highlight, of course, is the beautiful open-space layout and the high-end design pieces that punctuate the rooms.

These pieces include a Minotti sofa in the living room and a Murano chandelier as the centrepiece in the dining area, which also showcases a Poltrano Frau dining table and chairs. And thanks to its open-space concept used in the layout, the whole area boasts a stunning outdoor view of the pool.

The upper floors feature other private areas, such as the daughter’s bedroom, the exercise area and a home theatre. In the daughter’s bedroom, we spotted more designer furniture, like the iconic UP 5 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia, which is a perfect accent for the minimalist interior. Here, as elsewhere, teak and ebony wood provide a perfect natural counterpoint to the minimalist design.

When Indonesia Tatler Homes asked Tan what he’d change about the house if he could, his answer was simple and unequivocal: he’d change nothing. The house, while a design masterpiece, is a real retreat for him and his family. “It’s simply perfection,” he says.

(Text by Ria Iskandar, Photo by Indra Leonardi)

Source: Indonesia Tatler Homes June-August 2016 Issue

Tags: Interior, Design, Homes, Zen