The inspiration for this property came naturally from the clients’ dream to own an American-classic-style home. “I always dreamed of white colour palettes combined with playful accents for my house,” said the owner Lydia Budiman when Indonesia Tatler Homes met up with her. Meanwhile, the interior designer of the property, Lies Valentina, added that it was also an unmissable opportunity to work with clients who really knew what they wanted. Located in the South Jakarta area, the house’s façade starkly contrasts with other buildings in the area, with its forms and lines.

The elegant building reflects the grand American-classic-style architecture that the clients were seeking with a few personal touches. “The lighting concept for the property was designed not to be too harsh, since this is a space in which we wanted the residents to feel at home and warm,” said Ratna Darmawan, the lighting designer. “The same thing applies to the interior as a whole: the lighting creates a warm ambience.” With the build process starting in the beginning of 2013, the project reached final completion at the end of 2014.

Unlike other American-style residences, there are a few idiosyncrasies that make this one unique. The interior features Chinoiserie accents and playful furniture items. “I really enjoyed working with the owner, especially the wife. She is the most detailed client that I’ve ever worked with,” said Valentina, who has also worked with other members of the clients’ extended family. The building comprises 968 square metres on a 560-square-metre site. The foyer area welcomes guests with a working area on the left and a hidden playing room on the right. White colours dominate and are beautifully combined with the Chinoiserie accessories and furniture.

Meanwhile, the living area directly connects to kitchen and pantry, where the American influence is most obviously seen and felt. The black-and-white flooring pattern and the white walls and ceilings all unite perfectly. The second floor consists of more private areas, including the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom. This floor also features more colours than the ground floor, with a casual, feminine ambience. The public areas feature yellow, flowery wallpaper and the shelves are dotted with the owners’ personal items. The master bedroom features a classy combination of blue, white, grey and silver colours, while the main bathroom is perfectly textured with granite. The dining area ended up as the favourite spot for the client. The Chinoiserie wallpaper was selected by Budiman in Singapore and some of the bird designs on the wallpaper were painted exclusively by an expert in Chinoiserie painting.

She also says that the house has fulfilled her dreams of living in an American-classic house. In fact, because Lydia Budiman was so involved in the project, the design still looks fresh and undisturbed although the family has been in residence for almost a year. “Even when the clients selected furniture items or lighting by themselves, they still consulted with me and Valentina,” said Darmawan. The perfect clients for the perfect home? We think so.

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