Photo Courtesy of LAFLO

Located in Simprug Golf Street in South Jakarta, LAFLO is recognised as one of the most high-end providers of furnishing in the city. This a reputation that is backed up by some of the most luxurious brands choosing LAFLO to distribute and sell their creations. Since 1995, LAFLO has brought international style to Jakarta, and this has not changed over the years.

 The latest addition to the LAFLO family is the Italian brand Living Divani. Known for its lightness, clean lines and perfect proportions in upholstered furnishings, Living Divani is must-have for any lover of Italian furnishings. It also counts among its achievements a recent partnership in Altagamma, a foundation that aims to bring together internationally renowned, high-end Italian companies with style and prestige.

Having been founded in 1992, Altagamma’s companies are synonymous with innovation and a quality that is only found at the high-end of the market. They strive to maintain an Italian standard that is unsurpassable around the world.image (1).png

Photo Courtesy of  LAFLO

Therefore, for Living Divani to be welcomed into such an organisation is an astounding achievement and a clear sign that its furnishings are of a quality that would enhance any home or apartment. 

Many highlights of Living Divani can be found in its LAFLO collection, with ranges of chairs such as the ABC or the Chemise XL being particularly amazing additions. As well as designer sofas and furnishings that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, buyers can also indulge in some beautiful rugs.

 Suffice it to say that all of these offerings would be perfect either in a stylish home or in a modern office, with customers looking to mix designer chic with luxury necessity. 

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