Novacolor, a prominent Italian high-end decorative paint brand, has finally expanded its business into Indonesia. The company organised a grand art finish, THE GREAT BEAUTY – COLORS TO REGENERATE THE WORLD, located at the posh Laflo showroom on Jl. Simprug Golf in South Jakarta.

The art finish event kicked off with two activities, starting with an Afternoon Talk with the marketing director of Novacolor Srl, Roberta Vecci, and the principal designer of Vivianne Faye Interior, Vivianne Faye. The conferences held yesterday were followed by a public art finish exhibition that will be open to the public from 20 September-18 October.

The launch event was held to introduce Indonesia to the magnificent interiors and exterior healthy living spaces made exclusively by Laflo and Novacolor—not to mention the ecologically sustainability of their products due to water-base processing. It is truly a great beauty, judging from the range of green products that is on offer, from metallic finishes, mineral finishes, oxidation finishes and concrete finishes to matte finishes.

The reasoning behind the expansion started with the concern of Novacolor agent Riko Widjaja, who had witnessed the progress of decorative finishes in Indonesia. As he studied in Germany, he started to see a pattern every year when he went home to visit Indonesia. Buildings in Indonesia tend to opt for wallpapers even though the country’s climate is unsuitable, and for this reason, Mr Widjaja had a discussion with Ms Roberta Vecci of Novacolor Italy for this specific expansion.

The art finish event was successfully held by Novacolor in collaboration with Laflo showroom, as both are Italian-based brands targeting high-end clients. Meanwhile, the event was also supported by Riko Design and Zinnia Arts, as art paint businesses that have reigned in the industry for some 20 years.

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