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Home appliances play a vital role in our day-to-day living. From refrigerators to TVs to washing machines to air conditioners, all of these items are crucial components of our home and boost our productivity while ensuring our convenience day in and day out. That’s why buying home appliances with the best quality as well as durability is very important.

Unfortunately, shopping for home appliances is not as simple as buying clothes or shoes, both of which you can try before you buy. And unlike rugs or lamps, for example, it may be harder to go back to a store with electronic home appliances and demand a replacement.

So getting it right the first time and investing in the right deals are essential. To make this seemingly daunting task easier for you, we have listed seven easy steps to follow. Read on...

Set a budget

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Buying electronic appliances for your home can very easily put a dent in your pocket, so setting a budget is the most rational step to do first. This is because a budget will help you narrow down the choices during your research online or in-store and lead you towards making more practical decisions instead of impulse buying.

List the family needs

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The next thing to do is to list yours and your family’s needs. Do you live alone or with your family? How many people are there? Are there kids or older members of the family? If you have small children who frequently grab their orange juice cartons or milk boxes out of the fridge, for example, then maybe find something with a low drawer and handle.

Buying something just because it looks great or has technology that piques your interest and which you may use once or twice would not be wise. You know yourself (and your family) better than anyone, so list your needs and the preferred technology that you may want with it.

Measure the space in your home

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This step is especially useful when buying home appliances since they can take up a lot of space in your home and have to fit in an intended space. Use a measuring tape to measure the height, width and depth of the space for the appliance(s).

Another thing to note is that you shouldn’t forget to measure the width of doors and moving spaces as well as the height of the ceiling if you have to take it up the stairs. That way you won’t have to face the dilemma of returning a product just because it gets wedged up against the ceiling of the foyer.

Provide added value to interior

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The “utility factor” is not the only concern when purchasing home appliances. Looks, design, colour, and more are considered to be equally important, as they can add value to your interior. So finding the right design is important, since the aesthetics need to work for the whole look.

For example, a metallic, shiny refrigerator may look a little out of place in a boho-themed kitchen. So you should figure out whether a monochromatic, coloured, metallic, or matte finish would look best in the room.

Do your research

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Now that you have figured out the budget, space and the design that you want, you have enough info to really narrow down your research. Try checking the websites of your favourite home appliance producers, as they usually have complete descriptions of the products, so you can make notes and compare one product with another.

Aside from the websites, you should also browse retail sites that feature consumer reviews and prices. This will allow you to read all the positive and negative comments about the products you want to buy. Websites such as Consumer Report, Trusted Reviews and CNet’s appliances page could also get you started on this.

Get to know the technology

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Smart technology is a vital part of many of today’s home appliances. Nowadays, more advanced technologies for superior functionality and performance are provided by home appliance producers. For example, washing machines that promise to wash your clothes more thoroughly and kill bacteria at the same time, or air conditioners and refrigerators that have various censors that can optimise power usage.

And did you know that you can actually prolong the life of your home appliances, conserve energy and lower your monthly bills through technology? So make sure you choose products that can help you conserve electricity and water, which will, at the same time, lower your expenses and be safer to the environment.

Simply put, since home appliances are essential tools at home, we should always choose high-quality products that will last for a long time. Luckily, there is a brand that is a genius when it comes to creating reliable and dependable home appliances: Panasonic.

Its technology has been making a buzz in the market because of the innovations it applies on a wide range of products. From refrigerators that can keep your food fresh for longer to super-high-definition TVs and air conditioners that can sterilise the air as it works to cool the room while keeping energy consumption down and the earth happy... You name it and Panasonic does it.

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Its range of new products from TVs to air conditioners and refrigerators to washing machines are packed with the most advanced technology currently available. The 4K technology in the TVs will deliver you the brightest, clearest and most lifelike images using the Hexa Chroma Drive, Hollywood Tunning, and Super Bright Panel.

Meanwhile, the Nanoe and AG Clean technology packed into its refrigerators works by absorbing viruses, bacteria and dirt in the air and the foods you store. In addition, its washing machines are also equipped with an exciting technology called Active Foam System, which helps produce a more powerful foam, increasing its contact with fabric and cleaning off dirt more thoroughly.

Another technology that’s built into its home appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines) is Inverter, a technology that allows the machines to work more efficiently, reducing the energy consumption up to 50 per cent. 

The right home appliances could make your homes a better space, and in turn, making your life better. Panasonic is now holding Festival Rumah Impian, a promo where you could get either your dream house or home appliances, so join in!

Let’s live life better, be it for you, your family or the earth, and don’t cut yourself short – buy only the best home appliances such as Panasonic’s range of newest products.


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