When it comes to luxurious residences, most of us naturally think about size and cost—and rightly so: these factors into most luxury-home designs and builds. But they are not the end of the story, at least not for Indonesian interior designer Yuni Jie.

Yuni firmly believes that functionality and, to a greater extent, comfort are the true hallmarks of luxury—and that property should reflect the owners’ personalities and lifestyle. After all, “Where you live describes who you are,” she tells Indonesia Tatler Homes.

As we chatted, Yuni also shared with us the story behind her latest project: a 750-square-metre building on a 1,000-squaremetre site in West Jakarta. The project was undertaken with her partners Tan Tik Lam, as the architect, and Ratna Darmawan, who was responsible for the lighting design. The project took around two-and-a-half years to complete and it houses a family with four kids, which can, of course, mean a somewhat hectic household. So Yuni had to meet a lot of different needs, but she looks back with equanimity at the various challenges her team had to face in making the dreams of all the family come true.

“The concept of the house is ‘modern vernacular’, in which the architecture and interior design relate to the location of the house itself,” she says, “so we use a tropical design value. This sort of design always resonates with the local climate, traditions and the clients’ lifestyle.”

Read more about this inspiring design in Indonesia Tatler Homes September 2016 issue.

(Text by Ria Iskandar & Photo by Merwin Adenan)

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